Have you ever been in this situation? When you receive a sample for testing a certain product and you like it so much that you only use a tiny bit every day and try to squeeze the last drop out of it? Well, I had that experience with Nannic’s hand cream. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to this cream. An absolute must-have, especially in these times when we have to wash our hands all the time.

You can’t ignore it … in every commercial, in every publication we are reminded that washing our hands offers the best protection against viruses and bacteria. Most people take this advice to heart, so do I. I already washed my hands a number of times a day anyway, but now I’m washing them a lot more and more vigorously.

 A less pleasant side-effect is that your hands dry out from excessive use of soap and water. Especially if, like me, you already have rather dry skin. Moisturizing your hands is important.

Nannic’s Hand Repair Complex is a blissful hand cream. First of all, it smells incredibly good. That was the main reason why I wanted to use that sample as long as possible!


Aside from that, its efficacy is first rate, which is what we are used to from NANNIC.

The lotion has a rich texture yet does not feel greasy at all! On the contrary, I get the impression that it absorbs very quickly.

The main ingredients are hemp oil and baker’s yeast.

Hemp oil: improves the resilience and quality of the skin, contains vitamins, minerals and phytosterols.

Baker’s yeast: stimulates the skin’s own defence mechanism and the skin’s own ability to repair itself.

I’m glad I discovered the Nannic Hand Repair Complex and can recommend it to anyone who loves a good hand cream with a lovely scent. Even if you suffer from really dry and rough hands or cracked skin due to your profession, this cream offers a good solution.