More and more people suffer from Maskné: simply acne / rash caused by wearing the mouth mask.

Wearing the mouth mask for a long time creates warm and moist air on the inside of the mask which causes the skin to produce more sebum and the pores to open up. This makes the skin much more accessible to bacteria, which is precisely the ideal trigger for acne.
That’s why we sometimes get demand from salons and consumers 
How can we see how much is left in the package?‘.

Click on the video below and let Patricia inform you about Maskné and what you can do about it.


Thoroughly clean your skin with the following NANNIC products:

  • Pure Active Cleansing
  • Pore Treat Lotion
  • White Willow Bark Peeling Mask
  • Terracotta Clay Mask


Then repair your skin with:

  • NANNIC Epithelium+
NANNIC Pure Active Cleansing

Disinfectant cleanser that removes excess sebum and impurities and strengthens your skin’s natural PH and biological barrier.

White Willow Bark Peeling Mask

Mild keratolitic peeling with inflammatory properties. Reduces free radicals and has a beneficial effect on acne.

NANNIC Epithelium+

Soothes the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the skin’s self-healing mechanism.

NANNIC Pore Treat Lotion

Lotion based on Vitamin B5. A strong antioxidant that also prevents the formation of acne and comedones.

NANNIC Terracotta Clay Mask
Mix of pure red and white clay that cleans deep into the pores and has an anti-microbial effect. Evens out and soothes irritated skin.