Mouth masks and make-up are not the best combination and certainly not now that it’s getting warmer. 

Leave your Fond du Teint and go for the NANNIC self tanner!
Before applying the self-tanner, it is best to strip your skin of dead skin cells with our NANNIC Phytoactive Active Scrub.

You can choose to gradually build up your tan with our NANNIC Supersunic Epibronze or for the fast effect with our NANNIC Supersunic Towelettes.

NANNIC Supersunic Epibronze ensures a gradual build-up of your own natural tan by activating your own tanning process, even without sunshine. Moreover, your skin stays hydrated and prevents aging.

With our NANNIC Supersunic Towelette you already have a
sun-kissed look after just a few hours.

IMPORTANT: Always wash your hands after application.