A blend of pure red and white clay and unsaturated oils for intensely nourished, deeply cleansed and beautifully even skin. This new mask is intensely nourishing: improves skin’s appearance, balances the skin, effectively soothes red and irritated skin and promotes an even complexion. NANNIC Terracotta Clay Mask is also deeply purifying, has an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effect and regulates production of sebum without causing dryness. 


Belangrijkste ingrediënten: 

  • Red and white clay: purifies and softens the skin. 
  • Extract of Magnolia Grandiflora: eases redness, protects against external aggressors and is ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Probiotic lysate from Lactocaccis Lactis: stimulates cell division, promotes skin rejuvenation, improves bonds between cells. 
  • Vitamine: antioxidant. 
  • Calendula blossom oil: softens and calms skin and is anti-inflammatory.
  • Extracts of black cumin, chalmogra and manuka:  provides anti-microbial protection against P. acnes bacteria, soothes inflammation, regulates sebum production. 
  • Peach pit oil: cleanses the pores, reduces irritation, softens the skin. 
  • Wheat germ oil: regulates hydration and softens the skin. 

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