What NANNIC can offer you

In this new ‘Zeitgeist’ every age is beautiful and ageing gracefully has become a form of art.
In accordance with this philosophy NANNIC has developed it’s treatment concept: for each skin type and every age. We strive for maximum results, both for the client as well as your salon. NANNIC has received multiple awards worldwide for this professional concept.

Become a NANNIC distributor

Do you want to distribute an awarded skin care concept in your country? 
Do you prefer a long term vision over quick fixes? 
Do you have experience in distributing a cosmetic brand or do you have what it takes? 

Are your answers, ‘yes’, ‘yes’ and ‘yes’? Then grow your business by becoming an official NANNIC distributor. This is what NANNIC has to offer you: 

Awarded skin care concept: 

  • High quality skin care products with correct pricing. 
  • Result driven treatment concept for salons, spa, pharmacy,…
  • Long-lasting and sustainable results. 
  • Safe and scientifically developed concepts. 
  • Skin and hair care innovations with strong USPs.

Marketing support: 

  • International network of distributors with team spirit. 
  • Training of your sales force. 
  • Open minded business concept. 
  • Commercial flexibility. 
  • Close relationship with headquarters. 

This is how NANNIC was nominated for World’s Best Spa Brand:

  • A complete professional and effective concept, supplemented with products for home-use.
  • Extensive training and guidance for professional clients.
  • Individual focus and personal collaboration.
  • Support in marketing and sales.


Did you know that NANNIC NBE-treatments are the most booked treatments in Sweden? This country is known for its particularly quality-conscious market. (Source: www.bokadirect.se)

This is how NANNIC won the Beauty Oscar for Best Luxurious Skin Care line:

  • Formulations and professional treatments that actually work.
  • Immediately visible and long-lasting results.
  • Safe yet efficient skin improvement that focusses on causation.
  • Scientifically developed innovations that make a difference.


NANNIC excellence won this Beauty Oscar. The Beauty Oscar is awarded to a product that does exactly what it promises, a product that stands out, a product that makes a difference and gives you a sense of glamour.

Only the best is good enough for you client.
Give your client a Beauty Oscar award-winning product. Give your client NANNIC.

Request a free documentation folder

If you are interested in working with NANNIC in your salon, we would love to invite you over for a free demonstration. This is completely without any obligation. Would you prefer to receive samples and information beforehand? Please fill out the contact-form and we will contact you as soon as possible and mail you the information package with samples.

You undoubtedly want the very best for your customers. You want to know what you can offer your clients

That is why it is so important to convince yourself of the NANNIC skin improvement concept.
Book an appointment with us for your free demo-treatment and receive a beautiful gift. If you start with the NANNIC concept, then we will be ready to support you as a team to help turn this into a success.

See you soon!

Team NANNIC International