Professional products and devices. With stunning results. For radiant customers. Nannic supports you.

Maximum results, according to the 70-30 principle


Quality products, scientific insights and respect for the skin. This is how Nannic makes a difference. Sustainable skin improvement occurs through the strong combination of professional treatments (30%) and home care products (70%). This is how your client achieves 100% results: long-term skin improvement. Interested in our sustainable approach?

4 reasons to become a Nannic Beauty Partner


#1 You want happy clients
Nannic’s skincare concepts deliver real results in the form of healthy, radiant skin. When your clients see these results, they will not only come back for more – they will also spread the word, helping you grow your client base. Think of it as skin-to-skin advertising.

#2 You want to use state-of-the-art devices and award-winning products
Our success lies in blending a scientific approach with products that work synergistically to optimise skin health. No hypes or passing trends, but lasting results you can see and feel. Our devices and products deliver the right nutrients to the right place for visibly healthy skin.

#3 You want to grow your business
You want your business to be as healthy and robust as your skin, whether you’re new to the industry or an established company looking to grow. Nannic does things a little differently: no mandatory purchase amounts or major investments, but the opportunity to rent affordably priced devices while benefitting from one of the best margins in the industry.

#4 You want personal support
Think of Nannic as your new business partner: accessible, approachable, and supportive, we want to brainstorm with you while giving you plenty of room to grow. Our Nannic Academy offers free training programmes where you can work towards becoming a Nannic Skincare Coach at your own pace.


Rapid and lasting results


Scientific innovations


Personal collaboration


Marketing and sales support


No significant investment

Incredible and lasting improvement from the first treatment

Professional products


High-quality care formulas with scientific approach. Nationally and internationally awarded for their efficacy. Each product contains proven clinically active ingredients that perfectly match the treatment devices. They make the skin healthy again. For the best results. For satisfied customers.

Designed to work synergistically with your skin


Synergy is a cornerstone of our business. Inspired by more than a century of skincare experience, we are constantly challenged by new scientific advancements. Our skincare products are inspired by a clear philosophy: driven by science in synergy with the skin. The skin is smart: If we give it what it needs, it will take care of the rest.

Extensive training and full support for all professional


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We would be happy to explain our philosophy and approach in more detail. Experience our devices and products first-hand and discover how they can help you grow your business. The demonstration is entirely free and without obligations. We look forward to meeting you.