QC Deo Textile (50ml)

Deodorises your clothes and shoes safely and for a long time. The first ‘prewash’ that prevents odours, even at a low temperature.



Deodorises your clothes and shoes safely and for a long time. Sweat obtains an odour after bacteria (Corine bacteria) turn fatty acids (sweat) into volatile fatty acids. The amount of bacteria determines the strength of the sweat odour given off by the clothing.

Bacteria are killed at a temperature of around 80°C. Delicate clothing is washed at a temperature lower than 30°C, however. This means that the bacteria are not killed. After drying, these bacteria will remain present but inactive in our clothing. The next time the clothing comes into contact with a body and the moisture and temperature rise, the bacteria become active again. This explains why you might start to notice an odour with one blouse quicker than another.

QC Deo Textile contains zinc and silver ions. These eliminate bacteria that cause the typical sweat odour and keep your clothes fresh and odour free for a long time.

Use: can be used as pre-wash: allow QC Deo Textile to soak in for 30-45 minutes before washing the clothing. Deo Textile can also be used during the day, to freshen up clothing (and shoes). To do this, mist QC Deo Textile over the area you want to deodorise.

The main components and their effect

  • Zinc and silver ions: keep odours under control.
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