Nannic Hand & Foot Fast Skin Repair (15 – 50ml)

The ideal remedy for quickly restoring dry, rough skin
Hands – feet – elbows – lower legs – knees … 

  • Supports the skin’s own regenerative function
  • Repairs cracks and fissures in only 2 weeks time
  • Prevents and repairs hyperkeratosis of the soles of the feet
  • Restores moisture balance by 90.5% in just weeks
  • Restores and prevents roughness of the skin
  • Reduces flaking
  • Protects the skin against foreign aggressors such as chemicals, surfactants, pollution, pathogens and stress.
  • Reduces itching, pain, burning sensations and irritations

Also important to note: This silky soft cream is quickly absorbed by the skin, has a wonderful sensory property, does not feel greasy and smells heavenly



Powerful recovery of the heel in just 14 days


Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin. Use where the skin is dry and rough such as hands, feet, elbows, winter skin … May be applied several times a day.

TIP: also ideal for men with dry irritated skin after shaving, the pain experienced by the roughness soothes.

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15ml, 50ml

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