Skin improving NBE treatments

A skin improvement concept for face and body, adjusted to every skin type and every skin problem with immediate and long-term results!

A painless and safe treatment for smooth, young and firm skin and a tight jawline? It may seem impossible, but with the development of NBE treatments, NANNIC achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against skin ageing!


Scientifically supported concept for skin improvement, skin firming and skin rejuvenation.

The NBE-treatments guarantee immediately visible and long-lasting results.

The NANNIC NBE-concept is applied worldwide by renowned beauty-specialists and skin therapists.

The NBE-treatments are suitable for each skin type. In the form of a cure the results can be preserved for a very long time. The production of collagen, elastin and improved connective tissue make long-lasting skin rejuvenation possible.

The award-winning NANNIC skin care concept is designed so you can continue your treatments with home-products: along with the NBE-concept they form a solution for each skin type and skin problem.

NBE Deep Skin

A triple concept for active skin rejuvenation and improvement. NBE Deep Skin stimulates the growth of new skin cells and slows down the ageing process of the skin.

NBE 3000

A revolutionary breakthrough in the battle against skin ageing. NBE 3000 combines electromagnetic energy with effective active formations.