Your summer glow doesn't have to go

De afgelopen weken hebben we al volop kunnen genieten van mooi, zonnig lenteweer. Velen hebben hierdoor reeds een mooie ‘sun-kissed-skin’.

Met volgende tips zorg je ervoor dat je je mooie getinte huid niet verliest. Keep on inspiring your customers to boost online sales. 

The past few weeks we have been lucky to experience lovely, sunny weather. As a result, many people already have that beautiful ‘sun-kissed-skin’ that is normally reserved for summer.

Use the following tips to prevent losing that beautiful tan. 

  1. Cleanse with softness
    Dead skin cells make your golden tan duller. Remove them with a gentle scrub and get beautiful, smooth skin that radiates freshness.
    For the face we recommend using Nannic White Willow Bark Peeling Mask and for the body you can use Nannic Phytoactive Scrub. 
  2. Hydrate intensely

    Constant and thorough hydration is imperative to preserve beautiful and supple skin. In the morning, use Nannic Coup d’Excellence, an extremely moisturizing serum. In the evening use Nannic Collageen Boost, the active peptides efficiently reduce wrinkles and fine lines and provide intense hydration for the skin. Both products also restore UV-damage and visibly improve the moisture balance of the skin. Grant yourself a blissful ‘zen’ moment while also moisturizing intensely with  Nannic Hydrating Bath milk. It will regulate the moisture balance and restore the equilibrium of the skin without leaving a greasy film.

  3. Activate without sunshine
    According to weather forecasts it will be a while before we get some more sunshine. Use  Supersunic Epibronze to retain that beautiful golden tan. This lotion activates your own melanin even without sun and results in a gradual, even build-up of your natural brown teint. It is also intensely hydrating.