anti-ageing concept for stronger and fuller hair

Hair, scalp & root care

Healthy hair is strong, smooth, and shiny. Hair-Scalp-Roots is a comprehensive solution designed to nourish your hair, roots, and scalp. The revolutionary formulas optimise the hair growth cycle to reduce hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. The result: fuller and healthier hair from roots to ends.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp

Good hair care doesn’t stop at the hairline. The scalp is where all the magic happens. The formulas in this haircare line are deeply nourishing and support the three fundamental pillars of hair health: hair, scalp and roots. Each product is based on scientific insights.

  1. Hair: restores and protects hair cuticles for strong, glossy hair.
  2. Scalp: supports the scalp’s microbiome, regulating sebum production and preventing dry, flaky skin.
  3. Roots: optimises the growth cycle and stimulates hair growth for full, healthy hair.

Innovative anti-ageing concept

With the right nourishing ingredients, you can prompt the skin to regenerate and rejuvenate. The same is true of your hair. This comprehensive three-step haircare line slows hair ageing and immediately improves hair quality. How does it work?


  1. Restores on three levels
    The formulas in this line deliver more intense nourishment than most haircare products to strengthen your hair, your roots, and your scalp.
  2. Slows ageing
    The scientific formulas optimise the hair growth cycle, promoting hair growth, reducing shedding, and making your hair appear strong, full, and healthy.
  3. Stimulates hair growth
    The Day Care Lotion revitalises the scalp and the Night Care Lotion supports the hair follicles. The result: less hair loss and more hair growth. Ideal for damaged and thinning hair.

Stimulates new hair growth

This is more than just a marketing ploy. We are born with a fixed number of hair follicles. But what if we could activate our existing hair follicles? Our powerful ingredients stimulate and extend the growth cycle, reactivating dormant hair follicles and promoting stronger, fuller hair. The Day & Night Care Lotions have been scientifically proven to restore thinning hair.

* Only reactivates viable hair follicles. You can expect to see results after about four months of using Day & Night Care (two packages), with hair becoming visibly healthier and stronger.

National and international prizes

Out revolutionary scientific approach has not gone unnoticed. The Hair-Scalp-Roots concept received a Belgian Beauty Award for Innovation in 2020 and a People’s Choice award at Stockholm Beauty Week in 2021 – two distinctions we highly value.

Strong hair that radiates health

Our haircare products were designed to restore, protect, and nourish hair from roots to ends. Below is an overview of our haircare line: 

  1. Cleanse and care: Damage Repair Shampoo & Vitality Boost Shampoo with argan oil
  2. Protect and restore: Conditioner Keratin Boost & Caring Spray Protein Treatment 

3. Nourish and stimulate hair growth: Day & Night Care Lotion