nourishes and repairs from fingertips to toes

Hand & Foot

Soft hands and feet: the secret lies in your skin
Our hands and feet are ingenious tools that endure hours of intensive use every day. Giving them the care and attention they deserve is crucial. The skin on our hands is even more sensitive than the skin on our face, while the skin on our heels tends to be tougher. Our Hand & Foot formulas contain targeted ingredients designed to support the skin’s natural recovery process without compromising the protective outer layer. They protect and nourish all layers for skin that feels soft, supple, and radiant. from fingertips to toes.

Skin defence: front and back

The skin on the back of the hand is very thin, while the skin on the palm of the hand is four to twenty times thicker. Knowing this is the first step in giving our skin the care it needs. We often expose our hands to aggressive soaps and cleaning products which can strip the skin’s protective barrier, known as the lipid layer. When these protective fats are rinsed away, the skin becomes dry, loses its elasticity, and is more susceptible to germs. Our revolutionary Hand & Foot concept strengthen this protective layer and nourish the skin from within. This promotes healing, minimises age spots, and leaves skin feeling silky-soft and youthful.


Nurture your feet

Dry elbows, cracked heels, and rough patches on your knees: areas with thicker skin demand more intensive care. Preferably with a restorative product that prevents new rough patches from developing. Our skin is smart, including the skin on our feet. If you give it the love and nourishment it needs, it even has the power to heal itself. Your extra effort will be rewarded with strong, healthy skin that feels silky-soft to the touch.

Cleanses without stripping the protective barrier

  • Contains gentle yet effective ingredients
  • Respects and nourishes the natural skin barrier
  • Stimulates the skin’s regenerative capacity

Keeps skin healthy, strong, and youthful

  • Reduces age spots on hands
  • Restores skin elasticity
  • Hydrates and prevents moisture loss

    Repairs rough skin

    • Protects and regenerates skin
    • Heals and prevents chapped, cracked skin
    • Optimises skin moisture levels

    Keep your hands and feet in top condition

    It all starts with the right daily routine. Wash your hands every day with a cleanser that is mild yet effective. If you feel like pampering yourself, the Luxury Box – in the form of a real handbook – contains everything you need. Powerful active ingredients restore your skin health, making your hands and feet strong and resilient. For results you can see and feel.

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    Deepen your results with a professional treatment


    Want the very best version of your skin? Complement your daily care every six weeks with a professional treatment at a certified Nannic Beauty Center. A relaxing moment for yourself and a regenerative boost for your skin. The Skinecare Coaches are happy to assist you with expert advice.