Help: my hair is thinning!

5 Feb 2024 | Hair, scalp & root care, Miscellaneous

Whether it’s a receding hairline or a visible scalp, hair loss is a common concern for both men and women. Stress, illness, genetics, and hormonal changes can all play a role. The good news: there are plenty of solutions you can try.

Understanding how your hair works is the key to taking targeted action. Each strand of hair consists of a visible part (the hair shaft) and an invisible part (the follicle), which is located under your skin. The average person has about five million hair follicles, 100,000 of which can be found on the scalp.

How does hair grow?

Each time a follicle creates a new hair, it pushes the hair shaft outward, resulting in approximately 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm of new growth every day or 12 cm per year. Hair grows in cycles, with each individual hair having its own cycle duration. If all of our hair followed the same cycle, we would temporarily go bald. Healthy hair has a typical cycle of two to seven years, but factors like ageing, illness, hormone changes, and damaged hair follicles can significantly shorten this cycle. When this happens, the hair is rooted less firmly in the scalp and tends to fall out more easily.

The root of the problem

As you can see, hair health is directly linked to root health. We tend to focus all of our attention on the visible part of our hair, neglecting the scalp, the hair shaft, and the roots, which require the most care. That’s where Nannic HSR (Hair-Scalp-Roots) comes in: a line specifically formulated to target each individual hair, providing comprehensive care from roots to ends.

Reverse premature hair loss

Nannic HSR hair serums deliver intense hydration down to the hair follicle, thereby helping to reverse premature hair loss. Day Care restores thinning hair and promotes better root anchorage to prevent premature hair loss from the inside out. Infused with menthol, this serum refreshes, boosts circulation, and effectively combats dandruff.  Night Care is a soothing serum that promotes hair growth and revitalises roots. It contains a plant-based hormone that reduces daily hormonal fluctuations and minimises excess sebum production for healthy, natural growth. Both serums come with a convenient applicator to simplify your haircare routine. A small effort for spectacular results: no more hair loss and visibly fuller hair.

Lustrous locks

Nannic HSR shampoos gently cleanse, repair UV damage, and strengthen hair. Damage Repair is a deeply nourishing shampoo for course, dry, and damaged hair that boosts shine, improves manageability, and adds volume. Vitality Boost enhances hair colour, improves thickness, and combats static. Both shampoos are complementary, so feel free to alternate them for optimal results. Keratin Boost Conditioner closes the hair shaft and protects against external pollutants and heat damage, leaving hair silky-soft and shiny. Finish with the wonderfully scented, protein-rich Caring Spray for hair that’s ready to be styled.

Want to give it a try? The starter box has everything you need to unlock your best hair ever.

No more hair loss and visibly fuller hair