Stratum Symbiosum®: six jars of pure power

15 Feb 2024 | Body care, Miscellaneous

I daresay I am “along” in beauty land. My bathroom cabinet is just barely bulging and I like to try new things. But I am also – especially in the evening – the type that dares to be quite “selective” in terms of grooming ritual. I readily admit that I dare to skip sometimes. So my curiosity was greatly stimulated by the mysterious box of Stratum Symbiosum®. Six bottles, do I have the discipline for that? I want to give it all a try.

The first introduction

That same evening, I decide to get acquainted with my new grooming routine. I disciplinedly remove my makeup (and even make some extra effort) to prepare my skin for what is to come. Just as I’m about to throw a big splash of water in my face for cleansing, I remember that maybe I should read the directions for use first. And thankfully so, because the Pore Care Cleanser must be applied to dry skin. A small pump is all you need to distribute over your face and neck. Let it soak for a while, and rinse off. It’s a little strange at first, but you get used to it very quickly. The Pore Refiner Serum provides instant refreshment and absorbs at lightning speed. So it feels totally unnecessary to apply a second serum: the Stem Cell Recovery Serum (the name alone sounds efficient). As I get into bed, I like the thought that a restorative night awaits my skin.

“Just before I want to throw a big splash of water in my face, I remember that maybe I should read the instructions for use first.”

A fresh start

The morning ritual Start again with the special Pore Care Cleanser. Next, I rub the Hyaluron & Agave Toner on my face. After that, I apply the Vitamin D Serum. That too retracts at lightning speed. The delicious hyaluronic cream feels blissful on my skin: very moisturizing at first, but my skin absorbs it as it were. That one was thirsty, apparently. When I look in the mirror, I notice that my skin looks smooth. She also feels wonderfully soft. My makeup applies just fine and throughout the day I don’t feel like my skin is shiny at all. Quite an achievement for my combination skin!

Visible results

After four weeks, I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised. Because I noticed that my skin did require some extra attention over the last few months: on my left cheek, I occasionally developed red spots and bumps. There is hardly anything left of that. My skin really feels smoother and radiant. I notice that I have less tendency to use foundation when I go out, simply because my complexion is much more even. But I’m not just surprised by the products. The Stratum Symbiosum® program gave me that extra push to be disciplined – yes, even after a night out – to cleanse my skin and go through all the steps. So I’m quite proud of myself: in the meantime, I have another good habit. My skin certainly won’t mourn that.

Stratum Symbiosum® is a true all-round care suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive. Why is that so? You’ll discover that here.

I notice that I tend to use foundation less, my skin looks much more even.


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